Yoga Teachers

Yogesh Yogi – 47 years, has been practicing and teaching yoga, meditation and relevant life sciences for over 21 years and has initiated thousands of people into better ways of living. Promoting and practicing Yoga as a life science and applying its practices to much wider spectrum than the physical level, it is his life mission to enable a person with all the right tools that can make a person’s life much healthier, happier and harmonious.

Born and raised in an environment that could not help him understand the basic queries about life and its usefulness, he was soon convinced that the collective effort of the social, educational and financial environment around him was not capable enough to develop him into a happy and meaningful life form. He decided to achieve this knowledge and wisdom from where it originates.

The source was within but in order to tap into it, he needed the correct tools. Though this time-tested wisdom has always been part of every culture in humanity, in India it is preserved in a more organized way as part of the tradition. The practices and principles of such life sciences i.e. Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Ayurveda etc. have always been available to anyone interested in improving the quality of life and living it fully with passion and optimism.

Extensive training and education from some of the world’s best life science institutes i.e. Bihar School Of Yoga (India), Omkarananda Ashram (Himalayas), Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School (Sweden), and later his constant efforts to explore the mysteries of life ultimately resulted in refined ways of knowledge and understanding that enabled him live a healthy, happy and harmonious life and this is what he teaches to others. He has taught in India, Nepal and Europe.

Deepa Soni – 42 years, According to Ayurveda there are three aspects to good health. Proper exercise, proper diet and proper rest. While in the yoga classes you can learn proper exercise and relaxation, you can learn how to achieve a proper diet by taking Deepa’s cooking lessons. Deepa teaches northern and southern Indian cooking. Nutritious and healthy vegetarian food using Ayurvedic principles.