The Advance Course

21 DAYS/Rs 60,000/-


This course is for those who really want to explore what yoga is all about, rather than just the physical training. Apart from Introductory and Intermediate yoga practices, this course exploresdeeper into Yoga, Meditation, and Relaxation; i.e. classical Asanas and Pranayamas, Antarmauna (inner silence meditation), Yoga Nidra (meditative deep relaxation), stress management skills, and lectures on philosophical and practical aspects of yogic life, in order to widen your experience and understanding.

If you continue with what you have learned in this course, your personality becomes balanced on physical, mental, and emotional levels, and a sense of well-being is achieved. A PERSONAL YOGA PROGRAM is given afterwards according to your needs and requirements.

…. one of the best decisions of my life was to have done the 21 days course! Yogesh has guided me to a deeper understanding of my entire being. I feel refreshed and alive, the energy level and flexibility has improved beyond my expectations…. an ideal environment to begin a new way of life. JENNI DEVIDSON, AUSTRALIA.

Note -There is no fixed date to start this course. It is rather a personal commitment with the teacher for at least three weeks so that you can see how the practices are influencing you at different levels as you progress. The daily schedule for this course includes the morning and evening hatha yoga sessions (90 min each) as well as a private session with the teacher where you will learn and practice additional practices of Yoga and its relevant life sciences according to your personal requirements.