The Teacher Training Course


Rs. 90,000 /-

Welcome to join Pushkar Yoga Garden’s unique, personalised, one to one yoga teacher training course. 

This is a special, personalised training course based on ancient ashram tradition where yoga was learnt under the direct guidance of the teacher. Unlike many yoga teacher training courses, this course is not about only learning different physical practices but will also provide clear understanding of the principles and philosophies behind. Equally useful for those who have completed a teacher training course elsewhere but would still like to upgrade their learnings.

Learn how to teach yoga practices to others using more refined skills and attitudes than teaching the material sciences because here you are dealing with a living person, interested in making his life better in some way. So introducing yoga as a life science needs flexibility in approach according to individual needs and at the same time precision in selecting the practices. So what to teach? As there are many different aspects of Yoga systems and practices available. 

This course has all the practices of the advanced course, as well as additional skills and techniques required for yoga teaching in different environments, according to the student’s individual needs and circumstances. It will help to establish you better in the yogic way of life, rooted in the deeper understanding of yourself and others.  

 The aim is to prepare a person as a YOGACHARYA ( YOGA = the state of balance and harmony, ACHARYA = someone who lives his life according to the principles and philosophies that he is teaching, and thus a Yogacharya is not merely a yoga teacher teaching just some physical practices to help the people get in better shapes,  rather he is a living example of how yogic practices can transform an ordinary life into  a healthy happy and harmonious one.)

You are awarded a teacher training certificate after successful completion of the course.

For details of the course structure contact us.